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CCTTA 2015 NEW YEAR CUP 2015 贺岁杯
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CCTTA 2015 NEW YEAR CUP 2015 贺岁杯

Location(地点): Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association at 1181 Denison Street, Markham, ON L3R 4B2


Time (时间): Sunday, Jan 4, 2015 (TEAM OF 2)



1st Place Price(第一名奖金) $500  

2nd Place Price(第二名奖金) $250  

3rd Place Price(第三名奖金) $150


* Combined rating of 2 players should be 5000, 3000, less;

** Prize money halved if less than 6 teams entered for Team of 2. Under extremely unlikely circumstances, organizer reserves right to cancel event for too few entries.


TEAM OF(2人队) 2: Team of 2 with first round in round robin of 3 teams. Olympic format will be used. First two single matches, then double match. Then single matches continue until one team gets 3 wins. All matches best 3 out of 5 games. 11 point games. One or two teams advance from first round and play subsequent rounds in KO format.

Referee reserves right to change format for entries below full entries per event.


Signed entry form and full payment should be received by 9pm Monday, 29 Dec 2014. Any player found ineligible by referee (e.g. due to rating or OTTA/TTCAN membership status) will not be entered into draw and have entry fee refunded.


12 Butterfly tables on either Tinsue table tennis flooring or wood flooring. Comply with TTCAN two star tournament requirements. Xushaofu 40+ new balls. Please only wear non-marking table tennis shoes.

RULES: ITTF Rules & Regulations apply. Referee will have final decision.

REFEREE: Pincheng Zhao or equivalent


For preliminary rounds, players need to umpire matches. Will try to provide Certified umpires in cases of dispute. Certified umpire available to umpire matches from QF on. (depending on availability)


Players must be in good standing with CCTTA, OTTA, and TTCanada. Proof of OTTA or other membership must be available.

RANKINGS: TT Canada rating period November 2014 used


Ontario residents should obtain OTTA membership directly from OTTA’s website (http://www.ottacanada.com) and this must be completed prior to submitting this entry form. Please bring confirmation of registration to tournament.

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